Are there any loophole on your application?

Cyber attacks are like natural disasters. There’s no way to prevent a hurricane from hitting your city, but you can certainly prepare for it or try to find those loophole before anyone can.We will help you to do that.

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Penetration Testing

We offer a full suite of testing options, including: vulnerability scanning, external and internal network, web application, API,wireless, physical, social engineering packages.


We are also passionate about teaching others. We offer a range of packages, including scheduled training events, private corporate events, and even one-on-one training for those looking for a more personal experience.

Source Code Review

We will examine source code of a application to find errors overlooked in the initial development phase.

Penetration testing methods we apply:

Black Box testing.

We work in life-like conditions having strictly limited knowledge of your network and no information on the security policies, network structure, software and network protection used.

Gray Box testing

We examine your system having some information on your network, such as user login details, architecture diagrams or the network’s overview.

White Box testing

We identify potential points of weakness by using admin rights and access to server configuration files, database encryption principles, source code or architecture documentation.

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